Windy River Products

Product Line: At Windy River Computers, we use the best parts available to our customers. Since we primarily repair computers, we have a lot of experience with parts with high failure rates. Hence, we avoid selling any product that consistently fails. Our product line, a result of many years of experience, is our effort to sell the highest quality computer parts and complete systems.

We'll custom-build a system to meet your specifications using top quality parts from manufactures such as: Intel, ASUS, ATI, and Western Digital. Unlike department store computers, you'll know exactly what components are in your system. Our systems are completely built from off-the-shelf components so all upgrades and repairs can be performed in minimal time and with the least possible expense.

All new systems come with a FREE three-year warranty-- which includes annual preventative maintenance for optimal performance. We can offer that type of warranty because we only use quality parts to build our computers!

We have a wide assortment of cables for your cabling needs. We also have a selection of gender benders.

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